Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polish Days: Vintage

Polly from Polly Polish picked a less traditional theme for this month. I was expecting something green themed or St. Patrick's day, but Vintage is totally opposite!

I thought about using one of my ancient Sally Hansen polishes that I got probably in elementary school. But a fellow follower of mine at Nail Art Novice suggested "vintage wall paper". She sent me a link to Holy Grail Nails' tutorial, and I knew I had to save it to do it for this months Polish Days! Too bad what I did was a total fail!!


My pictures are awful too because there was no sunlight this morning, and I still haven't had time to figure out this light box situation!

Please ignore the pinky.

I used all the rest of the polishes I got from the China Glaze Avant Garden Collection. I used the first two HERE. The base color I started out with is China Glaze- Keep Calm, Paint On. I used two coats. It is the perfect sea foam green with subtle shimmer. It is pretty much the same color as Zoya- Neely from their Lovely collection, except it has shimmer.

Then I used a paint brush, turned into a nail art brush to make the stripes using China Glaze- Fancy Pants. The brush I used was way too thick! I think that is why I hate these so much, plus I can't make a straight line to save my life. I definitely need to practice doing stripes more. Either my brush just sucked, or this wasn't the right polish to use for stripes because I ended up needing to go over the lines with a second coat.

After those dried, I used the largest dotting tool I have for the larger dots. My lines were too thick, so that is why the larger dots are all wonky :(. Then I went in with a smaller dotting tool and added the last color, China Glaze- Tart-y For The Party, a simple purple shade.

All in all, this definitely isn't my best work. It looks good from far away, but it is a hot mess close up! I will try to recreate these soon. I love the color combo though!

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  1. My brain just went "why do I recognise that name? OH WAIT it's me!" Duh, lol.

    I really like these, I think the colours look really good together! And they might not be perfect but who wants perfection? They're lovely =)

  2. Wooooow that looks amazing! Love the colors that you've picked. I think I'm going to try this too sometime :D

  3. I don't think it's a fail! i actually like it!Love the color combination!

  4. This desing is on my "to do list". I love how you pulled it off!

  5. Beautiful design, love the colours!

    Aysh xox