Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sorry or the absence

School is getting pretty serious right now. I am only taking one class and an online class, but my Microbiology class really needs to get more of my attention, rather than nail polish taking all my time.

My online class ends in a little over a week, so that will allow a little more time for nail polish/nail art since I won't need to read nearly as much. But I am starting to get more hours at work for once, and I am volunteering at my vet. One step closer to starting my career! On top of all that, I am doing makeup for an Easter production. Here it is from last year :). So hopefully those wont conflict too much.

I want to get back to posting every other day, if not, every day. But I am joining the Tri Polish Challenge which is going to be a lot of fun! You can get more info on the challenge here. I have been itching to do a water marble, so expect to see one soon, hopefully :)

If you read this, thank you. Hopefully this will be the only time I have to write something like this.

Will this make you feel better?

What a happy family :)

You can tell how old this picture is by how tiny my nail polish collection was! There were like 50 in that container.

I plan on having some pictures of actual nail polish either tomorrow, or saturday!

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