Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple Swatch: Cirque + Ninja Polish

I am officially on my last summer break, but am still behind on some posts! I actually have some nail art planned, including a fun one for the fourth of July! Anyways, here is one of the new awesome holos Cirque released for the summer:

Cirque- Cerrillos (Heritage Collection Summer 2014) is the most gorgeous bright blue, turquoise holo out there right now. I have a lot of holos right now, and none of them are quite like this one! This shade applied in two flawless coats, like all Cirque polishes I have tried. I got 5 of the 7 polishes from this collection, so expect to see those in the near future- another one will be in my next post actually!

I used Ninja Polish- Floam on my ring finger. First I applied one coat of Cerrillos, then applied 2 coats of Floam just in case there were some bald spots. I love this polish! Of course it is sold out right now, but a lot of indies have their own version of this now, and in many color combos, such as Salon Perfect.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple Swatch: I Love Nail Polish + OPI

Here is a quick simple swatch from about a week ago:

The holographic is ILNP- Summer Stargazing (Summer Collection 2014). It is an awesome deep royal blue holo, but the holo wasn't showing up super strong in my photos from some reason. The formula was awesome. You could get away with one coat if you have really short nails, but I used 2 coats.

The textured polish is OPI- Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (San Francisco Collection Fall 2013). Love the name of this polish, if you have been to fisherman's wharf on pier 39, then you would understand why! It is one of the few matte textured polishes that OPI has released, very easy to work with like all textured polishes from OPI, I used 2 coats, but again if you have short nails, you could easily get away with 1 coat!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Holo Skittle + Gradient

I am seriously just trying to wear as many of my holos as possible right now! It is nice and sunny everyday, I have accumulated a lot, so might as well wear them!

I tried for somewhat of a rainbow effect...

The glitter I used is one I randomly picked up at Walmart, I don't go there very often so I talked myself into getting it. It is Salon Perfect- Splat! Very appropriate name. It is your standard black and white matte glitter mix, except this one has a lot of long bar glitters and very large hexagonal glitters. Very easy to to work with too!

Here are the holos I used going from index finger to pinky:
Different Dimension- Coral Rose
Colors By Llarowe- Woodstock
Colors By Llarowe- Young Grasshoppa
Different Dimension-  Orchid You Not (Spring Collection 2014)

All were two coats, and very easy to work with. My only negative comment would be that Woodstock kind of stains :(, and both of the Colors By Llarowe polishes are no longer available, but the Different Dimensions are!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Simple Swatch(es)- Hare Polish and Zoya

I did these swatches a while ago, but just haven't gotten around to posting them. It is a simple pink themed manicure:

The awesome glitter texture is Zoya- Cosmo (Magical Pixiedust Spring 2014). It is definitely more textured than the traditional pixiedusts, and a little harder to remove as well. I used 2 coats, and application was very easy.

The pink on my index and middle finger is Hare Polish- Down on the West Coast (Viva Los Angeles Collection Spring/Summer 2014). I died when I first saw swatches of this polish! It is so unique. It is a dusty pink base loaded with purple, orange and gold flakies. I used two coats, and formula was STUNNING.

Lastly, the polish on my pinky is Hare Polish- Flight of the Flamingos (The Tropics are Calling Summer Collection 2013). I have been wanting this for a while now, and finally snagged it when her summer collection released this year. It is kind of an off white crelly base, loaded with large hot pink squares and hexagonal glitters, along with small gold and hot pink hexagonals. Again, amazing Hare polish formula as always! I used 2 coats.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer Ombre + Glitter Gradient

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have accumulated a lot of holos the past couple months, and these were a part of my hoard:

I also love to use floam like polishes for gradients on top of holos! Here are some I have done in the past: 1 2

The glitter I used isn't a specific floam polish, but was part of the Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection for Summer 2013. These were available at Walmart, but I am not quite sure if they are still available...The name of this one is Salon Perfect- Shocked. It is a mix of pink and blue matte glitters which is a really fun combo since it makes a cool purple color almost, which is why I paired it with these purple and pink holos!

All the holos are from Ooh La Lacquer. Nastassia seriously makes some of the coolest holo colors!
The colors from my index finger to pinky are:
Powderpink Girl
Quite Contrary
Vamp Stamp
Prototype 6

I am not quite sure what collection these are from, but I know these were all released this year. And the prototype purple was part of a mystery prototype bag she made, and she annouuced a few weeks ago that she will be mixing big batches of some of them, so hopefully this is one of them so you can get your hands on it! The first two colors were 3 coats, and the last two which are a little more holo were 2 coats, seriously amazing polishes!

Here is one last picture of them at a different angle to see a little more of the holo effect: