Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer Ombre + Glitter Gradient

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have accumulated a lot of holos the past couple months, and these were a part of my hoard:

I also love to use floam like polishes for gradients on top of holos! Here are some I have done in the past: 1 2

The glitter I used isn't a specific floam polish, but was part of the Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection for Summer 2013. These were available at Walmart, but I am not quite sure if they are still available...The name of this one is Salon Perfect- Shocked. It is a mix of pink and blue matte glitters which is a really fun combo since it makes a cool purple color almost, which is why I paired it with these purple and pink holos!

All the holos are from Ooh La Lacquer. Nastassia seriously makes some of the coolest holo colors!
The colors from my index finger to pinky are:
Powderpink Girl
Quite Contrary
Vamp Stamp
Prototype 6

I am not quite sure what collection these are from, but I know these were all released this year. And the prototype purple was part of a mystery prototype bag she made, and she annouuced a few weeks ago that she will be mixing big batches of some of them, so hopefully this is one of them so you can get your hands on it! The first two colors were 3 coats, and the last two which are a little more holo were 2 coats, seriously amazing polishes!

Here is one last picture of them at a different angle to see a little more of the holo effect:

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