Monday, January 19, 2015

Polish Me Silly Multichrome Flakies

Last year the nail trend was textured polishes, and now this year the big thing (in the indie world so far) is multichrome flakies! I love me some flakies, now they are multichrome which makes them even better, and endless color combos!

Of course I had to mattify them! Here are some more pictures from different angles.

As you can see, these are very hard to take pictures of. Adding a matte top coat usually helps with photo taking.

The color I used here is Polish Me Silly- Party Hearty. I used two coats over OPI- Sapphire in the Snow. You can see her that it is fairly opaque, but you may need like 6 coats to get it fully opaque. I think that goes for most of the multichrome flakies except the I Love Nail Polish ones.

I really enjoyed this one, and I wore another one recently but a little differently, stay tuned for that!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!

These aren't anything really that special or "New Years" themed. I just wanted something bright, glittery and fun on my nails, plus all but one of these are polishes I got for Christmas.

The glitter on my ring finger is the one that was purchased by myself, and it is KB Shimmer- Hexy Bikini (6th Anniversary Collection). This a textured polish, and it is amazing of course since it is KB Shimmer. It is primarily silver holographic glitters, but has a lot of blues, pinks, and purples as well which is why I paired it with these other polishes.

The cremes are all Barry M. My fiance's sister goes to school in London, and was previously living in Northern Ireland the last like 5 years, so she got me one of these for Christmas like 2 years ago, and 2 of them for Christmas this year. The one on my index finger is Mint Green, which is part of their regular nail paint line, and was two easy coats. The bright blue on my index finger is Guava (Gelly Hi-Shine Collection). I have wanted to try these for so long, and now I know why all the UK girls rage over these! This one was nearly a one coater, but I used two coats here. Formula was perfect, and it dried super shiny! Now we will have to see if it stains. The purple on my pinky is Prickly Pear (Gelly Hi-Shine Collection). This one was a little thinner, but covered the nail in two easy coats. It also dried super shiney. I am definitely going to have to send some money over with her to get some more!

I painted the glitters over the chevron Nail Vinyls after applying a fast drying top coat. All these glitters were gifted to me by my Keithland. I never ask for polishes as gifts, but this year I gave him a list and links, and he got me a bunch of indies! These three are all from Glam Polish's Mid-Winter's Dream Collection for Winter. I loved every polish from this collection, but figured I would put these 3 to better use. The names form index to pinky are:

Polar Lights
Below Zero 

I used a thickish coat to get these opaque, but I am sure if you wore these on their own they could cover in 2 coats.

Hope you enjoyed these and had a fun and safe New Year's celebration!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Nails

I managed to post these on my social media the day of Christmas, but didn't really have time to write it up in a blog post. Who reads this anyways? Here's what I have been wearing since the day before Christmas Eve:

I used a design from Mucking Fusser again, and I must say, this is one of my best water marbles. I got ZERO air bubbles on my design

The greens I used for it are all OPI:
You Are So Out of Lime! (Neons Collection Summer 2014)
Green-Wich Village (Mod About Brights Collection 2008)
Jade is the New Black

I applied a fast drying top coat, used some Nail Vinyls map out the tree shape and painted the black using Wet n Wild- Black Creme. I added dots using OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls (Spiderman Collection 2012). The star is from a Lush Lacquer/Polish Me Silly Polish called Tree-Mendous, which I used for my Christmas nails last year.

For the candy canes I used Butter London- Chancer. This polish is awesome, and I don't even like reds. It is almost a one coater, but as always, I applied a second coat, then applied a fast drying top coat using the same Nail Vinyls, I placed them in random thicknesses, and applied a thick coat of My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

And that is it! My next post will probably be my New Years nails.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Simple Swatch + Chevron Accent

This isn't your most traditional "holiday" themed nails, but it was released last year as part of Superchic Lacquer's holiday collection, and I managed to snag one this year:

Superchic Lacquer- Ugly Sweater Party

I used three coats here. I could have done two coats, but I felt I could still see my nail line, so three coats it was. The formula is awesome. It is a very sheer grey crelly base on the first coat, but it builds up wonderfully on the second coat. It has tons of green and blue glitters in various sizes as well. Such a beautiful combo!

On my ring finger, I applied two coats of Ooh La Lacquer- Complimint 2.0, applied a fast drying top coat, and layed down chevron NailVinyls. Then I applied one thickish coat of Ooh La Lacquer- I ain't Fraid of No Ghost (Ghostbuster's Halloween Collection 2014).

Superchic Lacquer's site is currently closed for the holidays, but you can get Ooh La Lacquer on Etsy, but these polishes are currently unavailable.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Skittle

Here is a simple Christmas skittle:

Sorry for only one picture. There wasn't much sunlight!

I started out with two coats of China Glaze- Running in Circles (Cirque Du Soleil Collection 2012) on my index and middle finger. I top coated that, applied some Straight Nail Vinyls in various widths apart, and applied a thick coat of Zoya- Nidhi. Nidhi is a much brighter red, but layering it over the green definitely dulls it down quite a bit.

I applied two coats of OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls (Spiderman Collection 2012) onto my middle finger, then applied one coat of KB Shimmer- Kringle All the Way on top. An awesome Christmas shade! It is just silver, green, and red circle glitters in all different sizes, and there is a light sprinkle of holographic micro shimmers in there. 

For my pinky, I applied two coats of Emily de Molly- Seeing Red, and was just going to leave that as is, but I thought it looked like I didn't finish it. So I applied a top coat, applied more nail vinyls, and used Colors By Llarowe- Gemini Rising (Summer 2014 Collection), which is the perfect Christmas green shade in my opinion!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Simple Swatch + Water Marble

As promised, here are some more festive nails:

The awesome white, red, and green glitter is KB Shimmer- Holly Back Girl (Holiday Collection 2014). This is your standard amazing formula by KB Shimmer. I have tried a lot of her white crelly base polishes with various colors of glitters in it, and they have never failed to impress me. If you are new to indies and weird glitters, KB Shimmer is definitely the brand to start out with, plus they are one of the most affordable, cheaper than OPI! I used two coats here.

I used three different polishes for the water marble:
OPI- Coca-Cola Red (Coca Cola Collection 2014)
OPI- Jade is the New Black 
Wet n Wild- White Creme

All worked very well, I just can't seem to not get a bunch of air bubbles in my design! Oh well.

Stay tuned for more

Monday, December 15, 2014

Festive Half Moons

Today is officially my first day of my last winter break that I will ever have! I will be out of school for about three weeks, so I will try and do as much nail related stuff as possible! Here are some half moons using some new polishes released for fall:

It has been quite rainy here in Northern California (surprisingly), and this weekend was supposed to be dry and sunny, so I of course wore some holos!

These are holos are both from the Cirque Burlesque Collection released for fall this year. I snagged these during her Black Friday Sale, which I believe was 20% off.... I am trying to do as many festive themed nails as possible, and I think these work well.

The gold/olive green is Cirque- Harlow. I used two coats, although you could easily get one coat if your nails are really short. I top coated that, placed my half moon stickers, and applied a thickish coat of Cirque- Josephine, which is a beautiful deep forest green! I have a lot of holos now, so when I see one in a shade I don't have, I kind of freak out, which is what I kind of did with this whole collection. Although I only got three of the four released.You definitely need these, they are super high quality, come in beautiful packaging, and the formulas are like butter, just like all the other Cirque colors I have tried.

Lastly, the textured polish on my ring finger is Zoya- Chita (Pixiedust Collection Fall 2013). One of the best Pixiedusts out there in my opinion! It is pretty much one coat, even with my nails at this longer length, but I went ahead and did two coats.

Stay tuned for more festive nails