Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Green Holographic Ombre

The last holographic ombre I did was using the not so holographic China Glaze holos released last year. I got some green holos in the mail recently and decided to do a green one. One of these isn't as holo as the others which kind of sucks. Another reason to put all my holos in one drawer because I totally have other greens of the shade that isn't as intense, that ARE intense like the others shown here:

Either way it still looks awesome!

Can we just take a second and die over that Jennifer Green Enchanted holo on my ring finger! Not only is it my first Enchanted that I finally managed to snag, BUT it is the most amazing Jennifer Green ever, probably my new favorite!!!

The colors from my index-pinky:

Colors by Llaroew- Gizzards & Lizards an amazing deep forest green
Nubar- Reclaim This is the not so holo one I was talking about. It is definitely holo, it just looks wimpy compared to the others!
Enchanted Polish- March 2014 AMAZING!!!
Color Club- Kismet 

All were two easy coats. Gizzards & Lizards, and Reclaim are nearly one coaters though.

Lastly, the color used for the french tips is Color Club- Beyond

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Leopard Print Using Lime Crime and China Glaze

I am not one to follow trends on my nails when the seasons change, but the weather here in the Bay Area has been more summer like actually, so I am sporting some awesome pastels leaning toward neon.

I am still never satisfied by my leopard prints....

I started off with two coats of Lime Crime- Lavendairy. Lime Crime polishes have the best creme formulas ever! It is nearly a one coater, but I did two just out of habit. All of Lime Crime's polishes are nearly neon, yet they are pastel, it's weird. Too bad all their polishes are out of stock right now!

The green I used is China Glaze- Grass is Lime Greener (City Flourish Collection Spring 2014). It is also like the Lime Crime polish where it is nearly a neon, but still pastel. It is very similar to Lime Crime Pastelchio.

The glitter I used is China Glaze- Full Spectrum (Prismatic Collection Spring 2012). Due to the leopard print on top, you can't really tell how amazing the glitter is. It is an amazing dense full coverage glitter with large rainbow holographic hexagonal glitters in it, but the base of microglitters has a duochrome effect! Some of the coolest polishes ever, I should try my others just  on their own soon.... Scrangie of course has some of the best swatches of them.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Swatch: Cirque

I added a little nail art to this simple swatch, very subtle:

Cirque- Queen Majesty (Arcus Collection Summer Collection 2013)

I remember this being a build-able glitter, but it would have taken me about four coats, and I wasn't trying to deal with that. Instead, I layered it over Anise- Violet Falls in Love. Then applied two coats of Queen Majesty, followed by two coats of Seche since Queen Majesty is a top coat eater. Once that dried I applied some binder paper reinforcement stickers for the half moon shape, and applied Essie- Matte About You top coat.

I got the idea from Mrslochness who did it with a darker color and hers turned out much better. I will try it with a dark color next time!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trelly Polish + Bunny Nail Art

I knew when I wore this polish I wanted to do a bunny as an accent finger. OhMyGoshPolish on instagram conveniently did some bunny nail art the day I was doing my nails, so I used her bunny for referance! Here it is:

I can never decide what colors to wear under Trelly polishes, so I did a periwinkle-purple ombre

The glitter is Trelly's M.I.S.C Polish- I Happen To Love Rabbits (Alice In Wonderland Collection 2014). It mainly consists of periwinkle hex glitters in various sizes, along with matte yellow circles, matte white bars and stars, and white and yellow matte hexes. As always, a lot going on in this polish, but it doesn't look like glitter throw up! And the formula is amazing. A lot of glitter comes on the brush, which she actually changed a long with her bottles. The brush is a thick flat wide one, kind of like OPI's, so that helps a lot with glitter pay off.

Here are the colors I used for the ombre:
Inglot- 669 (Breathable Nail Enamel Line)
China Glaze- What A Pansy (City Flourish Collection Spring 2014)
China Glaze- Lotus Begin (City Flourish Collection Spring 2014)
China Glaze- Light As Air (Up And Away Collection Spring 2009)

I used OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls (Spiderman Collection Spring 2012) for the white bunny body. Orly- Cotton Candy for the ears and nose. Anise- Island Lover for the blues of the eyes, and Wet n Wild- Black Creme for the blacks of the eyes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Color Club + Water Marble

Like Orly, Color Club has decided to change their logos on their bottles. I am not too sure if they reformulated though. I went to my nail shop and they had this new display of all of the new Color Club collections in their new bottles. I saw a bunch of collections on Head2Toe Beauty a few weeks ago and have been searching for swatches, but nothing! Luckily they had swatches on nail wheels on the display which I am happy for because some of them were a little weird, like the Modern Mosaics...Anyways, here is the one polish I managed to get:

I must say I do like the new packaging/logo, and the cap has a nice rubber feel to it. As you can see, Color Club is also jumping on the indie like polish band wagon!

I aim to get at least one rainbow glitter in a milky white base from every brand that makes one. Just to find the best one, kind of like what I am doing with Jennifer Green polishes. This isn't my favorite rainbow polish in a milky base.... As you can see it has A LOT of purple glitters, there were like no greens either, so maybe it isn't aiming to be rainbow.

The color is Color Club- For You (Celebration Collection 2014). I used two coats. The formula was really good. I kind of had to play around with glitter placement on the first coat, but the second coat was much easier since the glitter had a base to grab onto. The one thing I did not like was that the large glitters had a little curl to them, making them snag and pop off easily :(

The colors I used for the marble going from pink-purple:
Wet n Wild- Candy-Licious (Megalast Line)
OPI- Toucan Do It If You Try (Brazil Collection Spring 2014)
OPI- I Just Can't Cope-Acabana (OPI- Brazil Collection Spring 2014)
OPI- Green-Wich Village (Mod About Brights Collection 2008)
Wet n Wild- On A Trip (Megalast Line)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simple Swatch + Water Marble

I am still burnt out on nail art, and can't come up with anything original. So, for now I will stick with some water marbles, but at least I am going to be posting a lot this week since I am on spring break! Here is one of the newer Emily de Molly shades for spring that I luckily snatched up when Llarowe had a surprise restock that no one new about!

For some reason this polish reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream...

This is two coats of Emily de Molly- Frail Promise. Another flawless polish from Emily de Molly, I probably sound like a broken record saying that, but this really is one of the best indie brands out there! The polish is a nude base that actually has tons of gold shimmer in it, but that didn't translate to the nail. The glitters in it are black, pink, white, and mint hexes in various sizes, and some larger mint circle glitters. Some of the glitters are matte and sparkly.

I really love how the water marble came out! The grey/taupe is OPI- Taupe-less Beach (Brazil Collection Spring 2014). The green is OPI- Mermaid's Tears (Pirate's of the Caribbean Collection Spring 2011). Lastly, the pink is Wet n Wild- Candy-Licious (Megalast Line)

Here are some more pictures of it in less sunlight just cuz...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nail Art Using Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge had a 50% off sale a few months ago, so of course I took advantage of that! I had one of their colors on my wishlist for a few years, but I just can't see myself paying $20 on a polish.... RBL colors are super gorgeous and have always been praised over their formulas too, and I was very impressed! I picked up three colors, and they all compliment each other very well, so I thought what the heck, let's use them all at once!

Sorry for the weird tip wear... I took these photos after wearing them for 2 days since there was no sunlight to work with, and since I work with isopropyl alcohol a lot at work, it totally shrunk the tips off! So I had to do a little touch ups...

The main green I used is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Abi (Gomm). I am a little confused by the name since the website says "Abi (gomm)" but the name on my polish box has the "(gomm)" clearly marked off. Anyways, This polish is freakin amazing!! It was nearly once coat, and went on like butter. Unfortunately the amazing shimmer you see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail much. I used two coats and this is still available!

The green I used for the half moons was added to my cart last second. It is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Turn It Around. The shimmer in the bottle shot just got me, and it totally translates to the nail! It is an army green base loaded with a copper shimmer, gorgeous. It is a little on the sheer side so I had to apply a fairly thick coat when doing the half moons. Unfortunately it looks like this color is no longer available, so I am happy I got it!

Lastly, the glitter was the one that was on my wishlist forever. It is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Locavore I love my glitters and saw Scrangie swatch it years ago and have wanted it ever since. It is a really awesome glitter, very dense, but doesn't clump up when you are working with it! It mainly consists of green, purple, and blue glitters, my top three favorite colors. This is still available as well!