These are the current polishes I am lusting after! I am willing to mainly swap, but we can negotiate prices. The polishes I am willing to swap will be listed after the ones I want :) Note: I am willing to swap multiple polishes for anyone of these.

If you are under 18, please get a parents permission since I will need your address. Also, I will only be shipping to the US for now, sorry :(

I am also open to any other polishes you might want to swap if it isn't one on my wishlist. Just be sure to check out my Arsenal tab to be sure I don't already own it!


365 Days of Color- June Gloom, Itty Bitty Bikini
A Englad- Lady of the Lake, The Knight Base Coat, The Shield Top Coat
Black Cat Lacquer- We Own The Sky, Kim & Jesse, The Dream of the 90's is Alive, Put a Bird on it
Cadillacquer- Say The Word,  
Deborah Lippmann- Sweet Dreams
Enchanted Polish- Hot Chocolate, Hey Jude, any really
Emily De Molly- Bo Peep

Femme Fatale- Keeper of the Grove, Sea Pony, Lime Theif, Snapvine
Girly Bits- D!ck In A Box, Bird Is The Word, Well Isn't That Special, What The Deuce?
Glam Polish- Ticks $ Tocks Sir, Unicorn Sparkles, Tweetle Beetles,
Glitter Gal- Lizard Belly, Suede
Gloss n Sparkle- Passion Pop, One Step Beyond
Happy Hands- Tropical Storm, Sand Castles, Beachy Keen, Tricks are Something a Whore Does for Money...or candy, For British Eyes Only, The Worst Is Over
Jade- Magica, Faschinio Violeta
Joss- Alternate Dimension
KB Shimmer: The Dancing Green, It's Razz-ical, Merry Pinkmas, Chick Me Out,  
La Femme- Delicada, Unica
Lime Crime- Once in a Blue Mousse, Parfait Day
Liquid Lacquer- Blue Pistachio
Lynderella- ANY
Mod Lacquer- Entire Pop Art collection, Cielo Azul, Lavender Festival, Nonpareils, Verda Montana, Puesta Del Sol, Lightening Lime, Imperial Serpent 
Nail Pattern Boldness- Glitter Food, Le Big Party
Naild’ It- Dragon Scales
OCC- Chlorophyll, Wasabi, Pansy  
Ooh La Lacquer- MAUVEholland, Regal Kinevel, Lola
OPI- Mad As A Hatter, DS Original, My Private Jet (original)
Picture Polish- Blogger, Mallard, Shy Violet, Imperial
Pipe Dream Polish- Like Totally, Candy On The Beach, Life Divine
Pop Culture Cosmetics- Lazy Days, Water Fights, Sugar Rush, EEK
Pretty Serious- CGA, Liquid Leprechaun, Twinkling Lights 
Shimmer Polish- Jennifer, Jenny
UP Colors- Ouro Boreal Holo, Grafite Night Holo
Zoya- Sooki 


China Glaze- Haute Metal (Crackle), Desert Sun, Trendsetter (All swatched once on a nail wheel)
Orly- Plum Noir (Swatched once one a nail wheel)
OPI- My Big Break, Sit Under The Apple Tree, Alpine Snow- Matte, Pirouette My Whistle (All swatched once on a nail wheel) Gargantuan Green Grape, Purple With a Purpose, It’s My Year (All worn once) 
Revlon- Starry Pink, Blue Mosaic (Both swatched once on nail wheel) 
Pams and Kin (P&K)- Lucky Street (Swatched once on a nail wheel) 
Sinful Colors- Gorgeous, UFO, Frenzy (Swatched once on a nail wheel) 
Lorena- Flocado 

Email me at jennibertt@gmail.com if you are interested so I can put the polish you want on reserve for you!

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