Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Single Chevron Nail Art

I wanted to just put something simple and bright on my nails when I got back from our vacation. But I can never settle for a simple creme polish anymore. I still have some nail stickers to try out, so I just did the simple chevron down the middle of the nail with two other colors to the side of the main color.

It is hard getting the hang of taking nail photos again!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze- Shore Enuff (Off Shore Collection summer 2014). The first coat of this polish was kind of a pain, so I applied a semi thick second coat and it smoothed out nicely. I added a coat of seche vite and waited for that to dry before applying the sticker.

I used the large chevron stickers from nailvinyls.com.

Then I applied Sally Hansen- Pacific Blue first since the purple, China Glaze- That's Shore Bright (Sunsational Collection Summer 2013), dries so fast and peels off a little when taking the stickers off.

All in all I really love this combo! I got an awesome idea for an even better combo which I will have to try soon!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yellow and Green Skittle

Long time no see, again. I went on a two week road trip and just got back yesterday, but I didn't have guest posts lined up like I did last year. I also didn't wear polish for the whole two weeks! I tried putting on these China Glaze nail stickers, but they just were not sticking, and they didn't fit the shape of my cuticle line very well. So the first thing I did was do my nails today! Although these nails I am showing today were from well before I left. Here they are:

I used a whole bunch of brands.

I started off with Lime Crime- Crema De Limon on my fingers, except my pinky. Using just one coat on my index, and two coats on my middle and ring finger.

I used the mini chevron stickers from nailvinyls.com. The colors I used for the chevrons going from the darkest green to the lightest:
OPI- You Are So Outta Lime! (Neon Collection Summer 2014)
OPI- Life Gave Me Lemons (Neon Collection Summer 2014)
China Glaze- Be More Pacific (Off Shore Collection Summer 2014)

I used the same three colors for the gradient as well. Then I topped that off with Sephora Formula X- Mind Blowing.

Lastly, I used I Love Nail Polish- Funshine Smoothie on my pinky (Summer Collection 2014). This polish is much more yellow, but it is showing up more gold in these photos.

Hope you like these. I will be posting my nails I did today either tomorrow or the day after!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Simple Swatch: Colors By Llarowe

I just couldn't come up with any good ideas for nail art the other day, and I sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of polish I have. So, I just picked a holo I haven't worn yet:

The perfect green holo for the holidays!

This polish is Colors By Llarowe- Gemini Rising (Summer Collection 2014). This was nearly a one coater, but I did two coats. The formula was flawless, not runny, but not thick, just perrrrfect. And the holo is super strong like all Color By Llarowe holos! Gemini Rising is actually in stock on Llarowe's Website, so go get it!

Lastly, the texture I paired it with is KB Shimmer- Partner's in Lime (Early Summer Collection 2014). Amazing formula as well. One coat is almost full coverage, so you definitely need a second coat.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zoya Tickeld and Bubbly Nail Art

Well, almost all of these polishes are from the Summer 2014 collection, except for one. I saw Jen from The PolishAholic post her version of this, and I was like yes yes, I am doing this when I get my picks from this collection. These are actually all the polishes I got from the collections, minus the one.

I accomplished these the same way as usual. I applied the base color, added a fast drying top coat, placed binder paper reinforcement stickers, and painted the glitter on.

The consistency of theses polishes are pretty much the same. The cremes were all 2 coats, although depending how small your nails are, you could get away with one coat with some of them. The glitters were also the same consistency. I applied a semi thick coat just so I could get a good effect

Here are the colors I used from the Bubbly collection going from my thumb to my pinky:
Zoya- Harper
Zoya- Binx
Zoya- Jesy
Zoya- Stassi
Zoya- Muse

Here are the colors I used from the Tickled collection, with the exception of the orange on my middle finger, which I will just specify in this list:
Zoya- Kitridge
Zoya- Wendy
Zoya- Thandie (Stunning Collection Summer 2014)
Zoya- Tilda
Zoya- Ling

Monday, August 4, 2014

Jelly Sandwich using Loaded Lacquer

Loaded Lacquer is one of those indie brands that sort of just exploded recently. It is probably because of the "Jiggles" collection. The Jiggles is a line of jelly polishes, meant to be used in jelly sandwiches with their awesome glitters. The store was pretty much out of stock for while, but she restocked and I finally snagged the main one I have had my eye on, and it is definitely a staple in ever polish junkies collection:

I also got one of her glitters to use underneath!

I started with two coats of OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls (Spiderman Collection Spring 2012). This polish is probably going to be the first full size bottle I use up!

I then used Loaded Lacquer- Wasabi With You? (Sushi Bar Collection Summer 2014). This is a gorgeous mix of medium size glitters in square and hexagonal shapes, in various colors like metallic turquoise, matte green, and holographic turquoise. It also has some tiny micro glitters in there too. Coverage was great, too! I have one coat here.

Then I just applied one coat of Loaded Lacquer- Coconut which is your standard white jelly polish. It makes endless possibilities and now I can make any white crelly like polish combination!