Monday, August 25, 2014

Yellow and Green Skittle

Long time no see, again. I went on a two week road trip and just got back yesterday, but I didn't have guest posts lined up like I did last year. I also didn't wear polish for the whole two weeks! I tried putting on these China Glaze nail stickers, but they just were not sticking, and they didn't fit the shape of my cuticle line very well. So the first thing I did was do my nails today! Although these nails I am showing today were from well before I left. Here they are:

I used a whole bunch of brands.

I started off with Lime Crime- Crema De Limon on my fingers, except my pinky. Using just one coat on my index, and two coats on my middle and ring finger.

I used the mini chevron stickers from The colors I used for the chevrons going from the darkest green to the lightest:
OPI- You Are So Outta Lime! (Neon Collection Summer 2014)
OPI- Life Gave Me Lemons (Neon Collection Summer 2014)
China Glaze- Be More Pacific (Off Shore Collection Summer 2014)

I used the same three colors for the gradient as well. Then I topped that off with Sephora Formula X- Mind Blowing.

Lastly, I used I Love Nail Polish- Funshine Smoothie on my pinky (Summer Collection 2014). This polish is much more yellow, but it is showing up more gold in these photos.

Hope you like these. I will be posting my nails I did today either tomorrow or the day after!

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