Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Textured Half Moons

I don't think I have ever worn textured polishes on their own before. I may have mentioned it before, but this is the best way to wear them, in my opinion. Especially for someone with so much polish, it gives me a chance to use 2-4 polishes at the same time! Such a nail junkie thing to say... Here is what I did over a week ago:

Apologies for the ding on my middle finger. I decided to cook food right after, and textured polishes take forever to dry!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze- Secret Periwinkle for the the blue nails, and two coats of OPI- Planks A Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Spring 2011). Then I did the usual and applied a fast drying top coat and applied the binder paper reinforcement stickers before applying the textured polishes.

The blue texture I used is OPI- Alcatraz...Rocks (San Francisco Collection Winter 2013). Seriously amazing! It has so many green and gold glitters in there, it is hard to explain the beauty of it. It is a MUST HAVE. And believe it or not, my ring finger has a different color on it. I accidentally applied Alcatraz rocks, and tried just putting the purple over it, that didn't really work. But the purple I used is OPI- Can't Let Go (Mariah Carey Collection 2013). I used one coat of each textured.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Simple Swatch: Cadillaquer

This is my first and only Cadillacquer I have ever owned. They started being sold on Llarowe a few months ago, and I thought hey, why not try them out since they are getting pretty big. Of course I got the yellow since I want as much yellow polish as possible! Here it is:

Cadillacquer- Say The Word

This polish is a nice pastel yellow base jam packed  with large navy blue square glitters (which I love of course) medium navy blue hexagons, and shiny silver hexagons. The shiny glitters are what really make it unique since all the other aspects of the polish aren't shiny. It just gives it an extra pizzazz to it! I used two coats here.

Cadillacquer's shop is currently closed. I am not too sure if they ship internationally. Say the Word is currently in stock on Llarowe, along with a bunch of other polishes by the brand, and a lot of them are on sale right now, too!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Swatch: Emily de Molly

Another post! Here is a simple manicure I did a few weeks ago, so purty:

Emily de Molly- Soon

I was lucky to get this polish during the last restock on Llarowe. Probably the last time I will ever get any Emily's since I am pretty much never home during restocks now. Oh well. I have plenty of unworn polish to wear, and my wallet will thank me, too.

This is a gorgeous grey creme base with bright green, red, blue, and purple glitters in various sizes. I love grey polishes, especially since you can pretty much pair it with any color! I used two coats here.

Llarowe is of course sold out of almost all Emily's, but great news to over seas people! femme fatale cosmetics is now shipping overseas! So go get you some!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's This? A Blogpost?

Yes, it has been almost a month since I last posted! I started school full time, and I am majoring in Veterinary Technology. I am in a pretty demanding program, even my instructors told us to tell our friends and family we will see each other again in 2 years! So, long story short, my nails will be put on the back burner, kinda. I really only have time to paint my nails once, maybe twice a week now. You really won't be seeing any crazy nail art from me. At least this gives me a chance to wear all my amazing indies! I have some pictures of my nails from the last couple weeks, I just haven't found the time to edit them! Until today. Here is what I wore about 3 weeks ago, I think:

This is Alanna Renee- Reptar

Such an amazing polish! It is a mint green base, packed with large red and pastel purple glitters, and tiny matte black, white, and I think yellow matte glitters. I used 2 coats here. I remember it applying it like a dream too!

Of course I had to do some nail art involving Reptar from The Rugrats! I used two coats of China Glaze- Def Defying (Cirque du Soliel Collection Winter 2012) for the base. Then using a tiny nail art brush, I made the blue parts of Reptar's body using Anise- Island Lover. Simple, but if you know The Rugrats and this polish, you would easily be able to tell what it is!

You can get Alanna Renee polishes on their website. They ship internationally, but it is pretty pricey. The only etailer I know of that sells them is color4nails.

Hope you enjoyed these! I will try and edit my other photos soon...