Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Swatch: Emily de Molly

Another post! Here is a simple manicure I did a few weeks ago, so purty:

Emily de Molly- Soon

I was lucky to get this polish during the last restock on Llarowe. Probably the last time I will ever get any Emily's since I am pretty much never home during restocks now. Oh well. I have plenty of unworn polish to wear, and my wallet will thank me, too.

This is a gorgeous grey creme base with bright green, red, blue, and purple glitters in various sizes. I love grey polishes, especially since you can pretty much pair it with any color! I used two coats here.

Llarowe is of course sold out of almost all Emily's, but great news to over seas people! femme fatale cosmetics is now shipping overseas! So go get you some!

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