Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Textured Half Moons

I don't think I have ever worn textured polishes on their own before. I may have mentioned it before, but this is the best way to wear them, in my opinion. Especially for someone with so much polish, it gives me a chance to use 2-4 polishes at the same time! Such a nail junkie thing to say... Here is what I did over a week ago:

Apologies for the ding on my middle finger. I decided to cook food right after, and textured polishes take forever to dry!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze- Secret Periwinkle for the the blue nails, and two coats of OPI- Planks A Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Spring 2011). Then I did the usual and applied a fast drying top coat and applied the binder paper reinforcement stickers before applying the textured polishes.

The blue texture I used is OPI- Alcatraz...Rocks (San Francisco Collection Winter 2013). Seriously amazing! It has so many green and gold glitters in there, it is hard to explain the beauty of it. It is a MUST HAVE. And believe it or not, my ring finger has a different color on it. I accidentally applied Alcatraz rocks, and tried just putting the purple over it, that didn't really work. But the purple I used is OPI- Can't Let Go (Mariah Carey Collection 2013). I used one coat of each textured.


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