Monday, November 11, 2013

Simple Swatch and Ombre

Here is what I have been wearing on my nails the last 5 days:

And some pictures in sunlight with the bottle:

Pretty awesome, huh?

The glitter I used is Cirque- Electric Circus (Arcus Collection 2013) This glitter is mainly green, blue, and red large, medium, and small hexagonal glitters. It reminds me a lot of the glitters inside Emily de Molly- Soon, only Electric Circus is jam packed with glitter, I have just one coat shown here. No dabbing required at all!

On to the colors I used underneath, starting from thumb to pinky: Jessica- Lime Cooler (Gelato Mio Collection Spring 2012), Illimasqua- Radium, Illimasqua- Nomad, Jessica- True Blue (It's A Girl Thing Collection Spring 2013), and Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel - No 669. All five were just 2 coats.

Here are two more pictures in more cloudy lighting. I took these pictures at different times of the day...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Holographic Chevron Tips

The last time I did nail art like this, I called it fish tail french tips, but I guess it is more of a chevron french tip. I can't remember where I first saw this design, so I am by no means taking credit for the idea... Anyways, here it is:


I have to start busting out all my holos out while the sun is still out before it gets all gloomy every day!

I started out with 2 coats of Cirque- Chyrsopoeia (Alchemy Collection Fall 2013). Seriously the most amazing goldish yellow holographic polish! I have been wanting a yellow holo, but there never seemed to be one...until this, and Jade also has one, but according to the review it is a little more green. I still want it!!!

After that dried, I started with the lighter color of the chevron, which is Jade- Uau!. A true orange, which you don't see very often! Too bad you can barely see it in the photos. Lastly, the green I used is Nubar- Reclaim (Going Green Collection 2009). Any green holo will have a special place in my heart. I was originally going to use the green holo from Cirque, but it wasn't very opaque with just one coat, and Reclaim is opaque like nobody's business!

I hope you enjoyed these!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Super Exciting Post!

Well I finally had a chance to do my nails on Wednesday after having nothing on them for like 4 days! And this polish made me feel so much better since it is a custom polish made just for me :)

Trelly's MISC Polish- Jennibertt

I contancted Cassie, the maker of Trelly polish, to talk about making a custom. I basically told her what I wanted in a polish, and she went mixing away and made the perfect Jennibertt polish!

Obviously I had the base be a Jennifer green, and she came up with the perfect shade! And I asked for purple, pink, and blue glitters in small, medium, and large circles and squares. It is so pretty :) She mainly mixed large blue circles, large purple and pink squares, medium pink squares, and tiny little blue and pink microglitters in there. What I love the most is that there is no way of NOT getting a lot of glitter on the nail. I tried applying a thin coat of mainly the color for my first coat, but no matter what there was glitter on the brush! So amazing!

I used two coats here. You can contact Cassie for her to whip you up a custom polish, I highly recommend it. While your'e at it, buy some stuff off her site