I'm just another girl who is obsessed with nail polish. I finally came around to sharing my obsession with the public, and here it is! There will probably also be random posts of my animals, make up, and traveling, because I love those things as well, and hope you enjoy them.

A little more about my self I guess: I am going to school soon to be majoring in Veterinary Technology to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Animals have always been my passion, although I was originally majoring in Art. So I guess nail polish is a way I can get my art fix. Then I started working at a beauty retailer, so that really triggered my addiction. Being able to get first dibs on all the new collections was just so awesome, so that is when my collection exploded. Plus, a girl I worked with was equally obsessed with polish, and told me about a nail supply store in our area that sells all the salon brands for half price, or less! Not only that, but really hard to find and sot after polishes. For example: the entire Nubar Prisms collection, Nubar Reclaim, the original Color Club Holographics, and collections from 2-3 years ago! If any of these polishes interest you, or you want to know if they have a certain color, maybe we can do a swap?

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