Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zoya Tickeld and Bubbly Nail Art

Well, almost all of these polishes are from the Summer 2014 collection, except for one. I saw Jen from The PolishAholic post her version of this, and I was like yes yes, I am doing this when I get my picks from this collection. These are actually all the polishes I got from the collections, minus the one.

I accomplished these the same way as usual. I applied the base color, added a fast drying top coat, placed binder paper reinforcement stickers, and painted the glitter on.

The consistency of theses polishes are pretty much the same. The cremes were all 2 coats, although depending how small your nails are, you could get away with one coat with some of them. The glitters were also the same consistency. I applied a semi thick coat just so I could get a good effect

Here are the colors I used from the Bubbly collection going from my thumb to my pinky:
Zoya- Harper
Zoya- Binx
Zoya- Jesy
Zoya- Stassi
Zoya- Muse

Here are the colors I used from the Tickled collection, with the exception of the orange on my middle finger, which I will just specify in this list:
Zoya- Kitridge
Zoya- Wendy
Zoya- Thandie (Stunning Collection Summer 2014)
Zoya- Tilda
Zoya- Ling

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