Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail Art Using MORE Glam Polish!

I wasn't kidding when I said I have been on a big Glam Polish kick. I don't know how to describe these, but I basically used the technique I would do with half moons, except I used a single chevron nail vinyl.

Unfortunately, it is not as noticeable on my middle fingers....

I applied two coats of the holographic polishes first. The green is Glam Polish- ZAP! (Knockout Collection 2015), and the gold is Mod Lacquer- UFO Cover-Up (Above Top Secret Collection 2014).

I applied a fast drying top coat, placed the chevron stickers, and applied a thick coat of the polish on top. The green is Glam Polish- Somewhere that's Green (Broadway Collection 2014). I freakin love this polish!!! It is so gorgeous, another one of those polishes I could not stop staring at. It is another one of those polishes that has a colored base with loads of holographic shimmer and glitters in it. You need all those polishes in your life! The gold is Glam Polish- You and Me (But Mostly Me) (Broadway Collection 2014). This is another one of those awesome polishes too, but I feel like the colored base is more intense in this one than the holographic shimmers. I mainly got this polish because I need more golds in my collection,

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