Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Holo Skittle + Gradient

I am seriously just trying to wear as many of my holos as possible right now! It is nice and sunny everyday, I have accumulated a lot, so might as well wear them!

I tried for somewhat of a rainbow effect...

The glitter I used is one I randomly picked up at Walmart, I don't go there very often so I talked myself into getting it. It is Salon Perfect- Splat! Very appropriate name. It is your standard black and white matte glitter mix, except this one has a lot of long bar glitters and very large hexagonal glitters. Very easy to to work with too!

Here are the holos I used going from index finger to pinky:
Different Dimension- Coral Rose
Colors By Llarowe- Woodstock
Colors By Llarowe- Young Grasshoppa
Different Dimension-  Orchid You Not (Spring Collection 2014)

All were two coats, and very easy to work with. My only negative comment would be that Woodstock kind of stains :(, and both of the Colors By Llarowe polishes are no longer available, but the Different Dimensions are!

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