Saturday, March 23, 2013

Simple Swatch: Gloss 'N Sparkle

I have been eying this brand for a while, but was always too late to get my hands on some whenever Llarowe restocked. Finally, I was actually looking at the lemmings of mine, and it didn't say they were out of stock! So, I grabbed three, and here is the first of them:

Natural Light

 Artificial Light

Gloss 'N Sparkle- Pink Cigarette

The picture Llarowe uses looks much more purple. It is definitely one of those pinky purpley shades, with a lot of blue undertones. I want a solid creme of just the milky base!

The glitters in it are black and white medium sized hexagonals. It gives it the feel of all the "Sprinkle" type polishes that are out. Examples: Illimasqua's Speckle polishes, Deborah Lippmann's Spring 2013 selections, and Nails Inc Sprinkles. Hard Candy has a few to choose from now, too.

But Pink Cigarette has a nice twist with the large red hexagonal glitters in it. I thought I wouldn't like it since I'm not really a fan of red, but I absolutely adore it! I used two coats. It is very easy to apply, but you will have to play around with the glitter a tiny bit.

For all you US folks, you can purchase Gloss 'N Sparkle on Llarowe. For every one else around the world, you can get them at Shop-Eclecticco, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and Gloss 'N Sparkles' Etsy. They range from $10-$14.

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