Friday, March 15, 2013

Simple Swatch: Magnetics!

Textured polishes are all the rage right now, so I decided to bust out my "off trend" magnetics. I got a few from China Glaze, and one from Nails Inc, and Color Club. The thing I hate about brands and trends, is they always release the same colors! Especially with the magnetics. But China Glaze came out with a second Magnetix collection that had "bright" and fresh shades. This one is my all time favorite:

China Glaze- Con-Fused?

Sooo awesome! I love the magnetic effect because it looks like you took a lot of time on some crazy blending, but it is just a simple magnet doing all the work for you! I especially love this shade, I thought it was appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, too.

Formula wise, these polishes are amazing. They are pretty much one coaters, but I used two coats for reassurance, as always. They are a little streaky since they are a frost finish, but once you do the magnetic effect, you don't see any streaks!

You can still find these one various E-tailors such as Trans design, Head2Toe Beauty, and Victoria's Nail Supply. I am sure you can find them on clearance at ULTA or Sally's, too. My ULTA has a ton!

Sorry this isn't very creative. But it is still nice to look at! I might be doing more simple swatches or simple nail art the next couple weeks, strictly due to having no time :(


  1. Looks great! Impressive how every nail looks the same. I've never managed that with a magnetic polish, every nail I do has a little different pattern ;-)

    1. Thanks! I just try to let the magnet rest on the same part of my finger right above my cuticle, I guess it is pretty affective.