Wednesday, February 27, 2013

China Glaze Avant Garden Nail Art

I am writing this now to make myself feel better about my first microbiology exam that I totally failed. I am officially in stress the eff out mode, and these nails are helping a little:


I also got a new light to start doing more indoor photos. They aren't the best since I don't have a light box made to diffuse the light. I have the supplies to make it, I just need to actually make it! But this method will do for now. It doesn't help that I used total opposite colors, too. My camera could not handle these colors together.

I started out with my favorite shade from the collection, China Glaze- Mimosa's Before Mani's, a beautiful coral shade. I am on a huge coral kick and want MORE! This is a more orange coral, which is unique to my collection. It also has some shimmer in it that the camera didn't pick up. It applied in 2 easy coats. Then I added China Glaze- Sunday Funday on the tips and half moons. I used a dotting tool for the tips, inspired by Chalkboard Nails. I free handed the half moons with a make up brush I got from IMATS specifically for nail art. It is a Crown Brush in C250-2, and worked perfect for the half moons. I just need to practice more on getting precise edges.

Just for fun, here is Mimosa's Before Mani's on its own:


SOOOO pretty! I could seriously wear this color for a week straight.

I ordered some more polishes from this collection, so I will try to do more nail art with them. But for now, I am burnt out of ideas and need help! I got suggestions for galaxy and water marble, which I am so down for. Anymore suggestions?


  1. I'm currently loving the retro wallpaper look-contrasting stripes and spots on a base coat kinda like this:
    I think they look really awesome and I'm sure you could make some great combinations from them.

    I love this by the way, those colours look really lovely together and I like the bubbly tips

  2. Thanks! I love the suggestion you gave! The possibilities are endless. I might do this next actually

  3. This is cute and reminds me a bit of pretty summer dresses <3
    (By the way, I'm sorry for your exam! We all know how hard this is...)