Thursday, February 14, 2013

Halo Hues Swatches Part 1 and Comparisons

If you haven't heard of the Halo Hues collection by Color Club, then you must be hiding under a rock. I made a huge accomplishment in my blogging career today and sat down and swatched all my picks from both parts of the collection. The first part was released late in 2012, and I chose 4 of the 6. The second part should be releasing soon, but is already available on various E-Tailors, ebay, and amazon. I also only chose 4 of the 6 from the second part.

Here are my picks from the first part. There are more pictures and even comparisons after the jump!


Color Club- Harp On It. Your classic silver holo. A staple to every nail polish hoarders collection.

Color Club- Cherubic. A nice nude holographic shade. It looks really silver since the holo effect is so strong, but trust me, in person it looks like a nude!


Color Club- Halo-Graphic. Very clever name...Halo-Graphic is a nice standard pink, almost leaning purple. So pretty and girly!

Lastly, Color Club- Angel Kiss. A nice blue. There was another blue/green shade in the collection too. They were just so similar, so I decided to get the more vibrant one. I think the other one leans more towards blue, of course I got the green one!

Onto the comparisons. Color Club had "holographics" before that were in three different collections. The collections were Femme Fatale, Wild At Heart, and Catwalk Queen from 2009. Femme Fatale had 2 holos, a black and silver. Wild At Heart had a nude and dark purple. And Catwalk Queen had a light purple. The only one I won't be comparing is the one from Catwalk Queen, in the color Fashion Addict. Today I will be showing comparisons of the nude and silver. Here they are:

 Harp On It vs Worth The Risque. Worth the Risque is from the Femme Fatale collection. I remember when I got these original holos I thought they were amazing. Now they are pretty lame compared to the new ones! It is definitely a scattered holo effect compared the the linear holo of Harp On It. It is still really pretty.


Cherubic vs Love 'Em/ Leave 'Em. This one is from the Wild At Heart Collection. Holding these bottles next to each other in doors, they look like the same color! The holo is just so strong it makes it a lot lighter in the sunlight. Again, this shade is a scattered holo effect, but still gorgeous.

Well, that wraps up the first part of my review! I am pretty proud of myself, and proud of you if you read all of this. All of the Halo Hue polishes were 2 easy coats. The older holos are ONE COAT! None of the photos have a top coat on it, but top coat doesn't take away the effect. You can find them HERE on Color Club's website, but you can find them at various E-tailors such as Victoria's Nail Supply, Trans Design, and Head2Toe Beauty for a few dollars cheaper. You can also get the older holos HERE and HERE from Victoria's Nail Supply. It looks like they don't have the Wild At Heart Collection anymore :(

Check back tomorrow for the second part!


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