Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

Since everyone is doing it, I figured what not? Although I probably won't be wearing these on Valentine's Day, oh well.

I have been kind of burnt out on nail art, so I thought a nice doticure would be fun, easy, and clean. I really like these! They are so girly, but not over powering.

I started out with 2 coats of Orly- Preamp which was from their Electronica collection for Fall 2012. This is my first time wearing this, and I love it! It is a really unique shade, almost a blue toned pink with gorgeous gold shimmer packed in there. The formula was really nice, too. Then I did a simple gradient using OPI- A Sparkle Yule Love. This was an ULTA exclusive shade during the holidays in 2011, but Excuse Moi from the Muppets collection is the exact same shade. It was hard to do the gradient since it isn't in a clear base.

Then I did some dots! I started with the big dots, then the small ones. The colors I used are Orly- Lollipop and Orly- Cotton Candy. Nice simple cremes that really compliment the base color, and they are both readily available at ULTA, Sallys, CVS, etc.

I decided to feature a lot of Orly because I feel like this brand is way underrated. I love Orly so much! I think they were actually the first salon brand I ever got. And when I was going through my Orly stash, I realized all the shades I have form them are incredibly unique to any other polish I have. I will try to use more Orly!


  1. The dots are perfect! :D awesome color pairing. This is such a. Ire manixure

    1. I know, aren't they adorable? It's amazing how simple dots can make such an awesome manicure!

  2. So cute, and the color is really pretty! I loves me some Orly too. The rubber handle, the great collections and most of all, the 18 ml bottle! I never feel all panic-y that I will run out of a favorite color, you know what I mean ;)