Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Swatch: My Second Barielle, and Probably My Last...

I promised to swatch my second Barielle I hauled in LA, and here it is!

This is Barielle- Myrza's Meadow. This shade looks so pretty in the bottle, but looks so gross on my nails! This is probably the first Jennifer Green that I am not really a fan of :(

This polish is like a hybrid of a jelly and a creme, with tiny holographic micro shimmers in it. And it applied in two easy coats. Sounds awesome, right? Not only did it look weird on me, but it was a beezy to photograph, I couldn't quite capture the color correctly. I was going to try to layer it over Jessica- Lime Cooler, (which is one of my all time favorite greens!) but I wanted to get a feel for the polish on its own. The next time I wear it, I will try layering it to see if the shade of green improves. If it doesn't it is going in my "polishes to get rid of" pile

Oh and wear time is not the best. If you use your hands a lot, this isn't the polish for you, same with the other BARIELLE I got. At work the next day, the polish pretty much came completely off my nail. But Falling star is such a beautiful polish! 

What do you think? I have two Barielle's so far, and wear time is just awful! Is that how it is with all of them?


  1. aw :( that's too bad, the color really is beautiful!

  2. That is such a pretty shade of green!! Very cute blog dear :)