Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspire Me Monday: Floam-bre!

All credits to the clever name goes to Samarium's Swatches. She did a Floam-bre a couple days ago, and I knew I just had to do something similar! Here it is:

She used blues, so I decided to switch it up a bit and use green, of course. And instead of applying Floam all over my nails, I did a nice gradient :) The last Ombre Gradient I did was for New Year's if you want to go check that out.

Here is a shot with all 5 of my fingers:

Ahh it is green heaven for me :)

All the base colors I used were China Glaze. Going from the thumb to pinky: Electric Pineapple, Def Defying, Gaga For Green, Starboard, and Holly-Day. All are limited edition, but you can find them on ebay, amazon, and various e-tailors. Each were 2 coats, too, except Electric Pineapple is a little streaky, so it required 3 coats.

And I used Ninja Polish- Floam for the the gradient. It is the same as the Nail Venturous one, but Ninja Polish just took the recipe and makes them now. I believe Nail Venturous is done Frankening polishes? Floam was all the rage a few years ago though. It was one of the first matte glitters, and sold out incredibly fast every time it was in stock. It is a finely milled green and blue matte glitters, and Ninja Polish doesn't just make Floam. She makes all sorts of floam versions, such as purple, blue, and she just released a Cupid Floam for Valentine's day, and is in stock! You can find Ninja Polish HERE.

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