Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Nails!

I didn't have time to make a post for my nails yesterday because I was taking care of my sick honey boo boo. So instead of calling these my New Years Eve nails, even though I wore them yesterday, I am calling them my New Years nails. I went with the whole glitter theme of course, and here is what I came up with:

My pinky doesn't like to cooperate

Awesome Ombre!!!

Lets just get right into what polishes I used. Going from the thumb to pinky, the base colors are: Revlon Colorstay- Provence, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- No Hard Feelings, OPI- Planks A Lot, Anise- Violet Falls In Love, and OPI- Sapphire In The Snow. I believe Provence and No Hard Feelings are part of Revlon and Sally Hansen's permanent lines. Planks A Lot is from the Pirates of the Caribbean Spring 2011 collection. Sapphire in the Snow is from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection way back in 2009. I haven't heard much about Anise in the Nail Blogging Community besides like one time from Scrangie. I have only seen them at DSW usually by the cash registers. And every time I go there, there are different polishes. But definitely try to check this Anise color out, it is probably one of the best and my personal favorite purples! I used two coats for each nail. 

After those dried, I applied one thin coat of China Glaze- Glitter All The Way. I applied it pretty thick at the tips and with using the brush I did a gradual gradient. Then I used China Glaze- Pizzazz which is your standard multicolored chunky glitter. Both polishes are from their Holiday Joy 2012 collection.

I really love doing ombre manicures. That is the advantage of having so many polishes! I plan on hopefully doing a blue one next because I have done green multiple times. Any suggestions?

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