Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspire Me Monday

I wasn't feeling too inspired for today's manicure, so instead I just looked for some new nail art techniques to try on pinterest. I found a bunch of drip manicures, which I really like since it is a fun twist to the french manicure. And I got inspiration for the colors from my bedroom:

My room is still pretty high school, so every single wall is a different color. So i chose to use colors that represent the blue and green walls that are next to each other. I also wanted to show case what Jennifer Green is! The green is China Glaze- Def Defying from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. This is my all time favorite color, ever. And I am so happy I finally own a Jennifer Green polish from China Glaze! I have so many, it is pretty much the only color I will buy dupes of because I love it that much. The blue is Finger Paints- Winter Sky. I used this because it is a very thick opaque color, so it worked pretty well for this nail art design.

The way I made the drips was by using a medium sized dotting tool. I made a dot where I wanted the drip to end, and made a thick line dragging it towards the tip of my nail. Then I just filled in the tips and connected the drips to one another. My favorite nails are my pinky and index finger, mainly because the drips are more consistent. 

Kelly from devilish-polish hasn't posted hers yet, but make sure to check hers out if she posts one later! She made this awesome banner, too


  1. *this is me liking your post and nail art*



  2. I am doing another one for the next inspire me monday!