Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lime Crime!

My second set of nails using my new polishes from IMATS! Let me just start out by saying this manicure was hands down the hardest to capture in photos. I thought holos were hard...I think it is because these are just so bright, so just keep in mind these look 1000x better in real life!

Half shade half sunlight

This is the best picture I could get :(. But hopefully you can tell what I did. It is a half moon + gradient! Here are two more photos in weird half sun/shade lighting

I guess my camera just couldn't handle the awesome brightness of these polishes. Here are two in the shade:

Man now I really regret not having a light box because I am sure these pictures would have been so much better! On to how I did this manicure. First I used two coats of Lime Crime: Crema De Limon for the base color. Hands down, the best yellow I have ever used! Not streaky at all, and applied so smoothly! I let that dry by applying some Seche Vite, then put circle stickers on my fingers to make the half moons. Then using a makeup sponge, I painted the colors Lime Crime- Peaches n Cream (orange) and Lime Crime- Pastelchio (Jennifer Green) directly onto the makeup sponge and simply sponged on a gradient!

I really love how these came out, but of course don't love the photos. I should also mention the bottles are the cutest in the world! Who doesn't like unicorns? You can buy these polishes HERE for $5.99. I got these three at the show for $5. They only had these three and Milky Way at the show which made me sad. I planned on buying them all, but for some reason the white didn't appeal to me very much. But of course I am slapping myself in the face now because I looked at swatches and pretty much everyone says its the best white! Oh well, I will get the rest soon, and can't wait till they release more polish! Stay tuned for more IMATS polishes from me :)


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