Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IMATS LA: My Experience (Very Picture Heavy)

I am back from LA! I love living in Nor Cal because it is just so convenient to drive down to LA for a few days. It is so close, yet so far. So, I have been wanting to go to IMATS seriously for like 3 years, but didn't have anyone to go with. One of my friends has recently gotten into makeup, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to stock up on good makeup for discounted prices, and of course perfect for me to go balls crazy! I have never spent so much money in my life. I know this is a nail polish blog, but I won't be showing many pictures of nail polish. I plan on taking pictures of all the polish I got individually, but haven't had time to do that yet. That is soon to come! On to some of my favorite parts of the show:

Note: All these pictures were taken on the second day (Sunday) Click the page break for all the pictures!

Eye Kandy! These glitters were so gorgeous. They did demos on us and it was hard not to buy some! Their deals were $5 for one pot of glitter, a $30 kit that came with a brush, glitter adhesive, and you could choose 3 glitters, and a $40 kit with the same brush, glitter adhesive, and you could choose 6 glitters! Such a good deal. My friend and I just split the $40 one so we could each get 3, but we ended up going back for more the second day :)

This girl was awesome. She was on those stilts for the whole show, BOTH days! She was with a curling iron company.

There was so much awesome body painting! This was one of my favorites because I like exaggerated stomachs. Probably because I volunteer at a church and do the crucifixion makeup for their Easter plays. You will see photos of that in a few months :)

SOOO many eyelashes! The deal was 15 for $20, just ridiculous! One girl came up and asked for two boxes of one pair of lashes. I guess she has found her favorite pair of lashes.

The girls at Sugarpill with their awesome hair! I didn't even bother with this booth. The line was just ridiculous. I glanced at the displays and it looked like they sold out of the majority of their products anyways. I will try their stuff one of these days...Look at the girl on the lefts shirt! I want it!

Lime Crime! I was probably most excited about this brand. I have been wanting to try their polishes and planned on getting most of them, but they only had 4, I got 3 of course. Their line was ridiculous as well, people were getting crazy there!

INGLOT! My friend went absolutely nuts here. Look at the pretty polishes! They are so pricey, their trade show price was $11 :/. I still got 2, and they will be featured in my next manicure.

Elessa from Pursebuzz. She was so cute and sweet. The bag she had was full of goodies she was giving away. She was asking a lot of questions about makeup, then she was like "Who likes nail polish?" I was right in front of her so I flashed her my nails. She was like OOOOOH and gave me a bag of some awesome teal glitter you can use on your nails. I plan on reviewing that for sure. I took this picture as everyone was screaming, and my friend was the loudest and longest screamer, so she was rewarded with a really nice fluffy face brush.

Mehron. Just stunning. I really wanted their brow wax, but they weren't selling it at the show :(

One of the many people from Faceoff that were there; the best show on tv! I can't remember his name, but I know every team challenge, he somehow managed to mess it up and get his team member kicked off.

The two twinsies, Derek and Eric, from the most recent season. We briefly hung out with Eric, the one with the short hair. My friend was smoking a cigarette, and Derek's model for one of his classes shared it with her, and Erik was just hanging out. I was a little starstruck, haha.

And lastly:

All the swag I got. I went a little crazy, but didn't go over my budget! All the polishes I got are on the bottom right.

Well those are the few pictures I decided to show. I plan on using all my new polishes in my next couple of posts. I got a lot more because Jen ThePolishAholic told me about this nail place, and I got a whole bunch of polishes there too! What'd you think? Tell me if you went and how it was!

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