Thursday, January 24, 2013


So, I promised yesterday that my next set of manicures would be using my new polishes I got from IMATS. Today I decided to use my favorite so far, and those are the two Inglot ones I got. Here these beauties are:

Sorry for such awful lighting. It is raining over here :( I need to just make a light box already!

Can you tell why one of these is my favorite? Jennifer Green, duuuh. I actually passed up on the green and got the blue one the first day, but couldn't resist the second day of the show.

They were only selling their O2M line, which I had never seen before. I just figured they changed the bottle. I am assuming these are better polishes since these retail on their website for $14 for .37 fluid ounces. And their regular Inglot polishes in the shorter bottle are $10 for .51 fluid ounces, so pricey! I got mine for $11, $3 off, not bad I guess.

Onto the colors: These two shades are from their Summer Collection. The awesome Jennifer Green shade is Number 664, I hate when companies number their colors! And the awesome blue is Number 669. The formulas were pretty nice. A little thick, but I prefer thick formulas over thin runny ones. I didn't even realize how special these shades were until I actually took them out of the box after I got home. They have the most beautiful sheen to them! Especially the blue, here is the best picture I could get:

Look at Number 669! I about died when I saw it. It has quickly became one of my favorite polishes. I have no blue polish in this shade, let alone with an awesome purple duochrome/sheen to it! It actually shows up on the nail too, if the sun were out it would have showed up in my photos :( What do you think? Have you heard anything about these or tried them?

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