Friday, January 4, 2013

Cirque Holographics

Today I finally got around to actually trying out my Cirque Holographic Polishes! Well I actually painted these yesterday, but I managed to finally get decent pictures this morning, so there is minor tip wear in these first photos. Here these beauties are:

Direct Sunlight

Holographics are so hard to photograph! You can really only admire their true beauty in person. These two are especially linear, opposed to the scattered holographic effect of Zoya- Aurora

These two polishes are from Cirque's newest collection called: Object d'Art. The green is Cirque- Lonesome George. Gosh I love this color so much! A green holo will be an A in my book any day. It looks a lot like Nubar- Reclaim, but I put the bottles together and Lonesome George is slightly darker. I might do a comparison of the two. But you can never have too many green holos!

The awesome copper color is Cirque- Cypress. I have never seen a holographic polish in this color, which is why I love it so much. Plus its holo effect is crazy! Much more stronger than Lonesome George.

Here are some more pictures with flash that I took yesterday:

Classic Blurry Shot

These last three have no top coat because I was afraid they would take away the holo effect. I added a top coat later and it didn't blur it out at all. The first three photos are with top coat.

The formula on these were pretty great. Lonesome George was a little streaky, but I got an email from the maker and apparently I got a bad batch, so they are sending me another complimentary one. Their customer service is awesome. Cypress was a little sheer, so when I applied a second coat I made sure it was a little thicker. Lonesome George was two coats as well.

You can get these two polishes plus many other gorgeous ones from this collection here. The holos retail at $15, and the other polishes are $13. You can also like them on Facebook for updates!

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  1. That's so nice they're sending you a complimentary replacement! :D For the win! This mani is perfect for St. Patty's ;)