Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Nails No. 3

Today I have my favorite polish from the Zoya Ornate collection released this year, and one of my all time favorite silver/iridescent glitters. Here they are:

Sorry for the awful lighting and blurry photos. I was in a rush and the sun wasn't being very convenient. But you can still see how awesome they are! The base color is Zoya- Aurora and then I did another glitter gradient using China Glaze- Snow Globe, which was released in their Let it Snow collection from last year. I think everyone loves this Zoya shade, not only because it is holographic, but the color is just the perfect shade of purple.


I think my camera is about to crap out on me because it gave me an awesome airbrushed look in this photo...You can't see the holo as much in the shade, but that is usually expected. The formula was alright. I am usually happy with two coater polishes, which is what I did for Aurora, but I probably should have used three. You can kind of see through to my nail in the sunny photos. After those two coats dried, I added one thin coat of Snow Globe, then added another layer mainly to the tips. I am very happy with the way it turned out! I am obsessing with gradients now, I plan on doing another one for my next manicure, but I promise to switch it up a bit to make it more interesting :)

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