Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Barry M + Ninja Polish

I am back with an awesome manicure featuring one of my Christmas presents. My boyfriends sister lives in Northern Ireland, so she hooked me up with some Barry M's! Here is the first I have to show:



I also got a new camera, so these pictures are slightly blurry since I am just getting used to the different settings. My next step is to make a light box for even better pictures! 

The base color is Barry M- Indigo. I love this color so much! I have nothing like it. It is the darkest richest purple, and it has kind of a jelly finish to it, but it is more of a creme. I used 2 coats. After that dried, I applied 1 thick coat of Ninja Polish- Pinkerbell. The first time I saw this was when The PolishAholic wore it as an accent. I instantly fell in love and checked Ninja Polish nearly every single day to see if it was in stock. I ended up getting all the floams I wanted too! This polish looks a lot like the floam polishes, but it isn't as dense, and it doesn't have as rough of a texture. It consists of matte blue, green, and pink microglitters. It applied pretty well too! Here is one more picture:

Overcast lighting

The purple looks a lot ore vibrant here, almost like China Glaze- Creative Fantasy. I took this earlier in the day when it was all rainy, but luckily the sun came out a little bit for the first photos I showed you.

I believe Barry M's are only sold in the UK and various online shops. Ninja Polish can be found here, along with many other amazing brands, including Barry M! They range from $9-$11, and Pinkerbell is currently out of stock, but FLOAM isn't! So go get you some! Hope you enjoyed

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