Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Christmas Nails

Well, I guess it isn't totally christmas-y, but it is from Orly's Winter collection: Naughty or Nice. I first saw this polish way back when Jen from The Polishaholic reviewed her picks way back in summer! I about died since they released a holographic polish. Has Orly ever made holograhic polishes? I bet they would be amazing. Luckily they had a set of three that had all three of the polishes I wanted. Here is one of them:

Orly- Miss Conduct plus OPI- Superbass Shatter. I know Shatters/Crackles are so last year, but I like to whip mine out every once and a while. I am not ashamed that I went a little Crackle crazy. Anyways, on to the polish. This polish was pretty much perfect. It was nearly a one coater, but I did two just for reassurance. You can tell it dries significantly lighter than it looks in the bottle, which I was pretty bummed about. Mainly because it leans more towards red. I am not into the color red really, at all. I own one red polish...I know, crazy. 

Indoor Lighting

I added this so you can see more of the holo come out. It is a more scattered holo affect like Gem from my previous post. Either way it is gorgeous! Adding a top coat doesn't ruin the affect either which is nice. I am attempting to do some "nail art" with my next manicure. That post is soon to come seeing as I am posting this so late! Enjoy

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