Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Polka Dot Gradient

Today's Christmas nails are yet another glitter gradient, but a little more special. I finally got around to getting some dotting tools, so when they came in the mail I knew exactly what manicure I was going to do. Here it is:

Direct Sunlight


The base color I used is China Glaze- Ultamate Holiday which was from their Ulta exclusive holiday collection from last year, hence the name. Then I used the largest dotting tool end and added the red dots first, I always start with the lightest color. The red is Stila- Firecracker. Yeah Stila has some nail polishes. I got them on Cyber Monday last year and checked their site before I wrote this, and it looks like they don't have them anymore. Then I added the large green dots with China Glaze- Winter Holly which is from their
Holiday Joy collection from this year. I used it in another manicure which you can see here. Then I repeated the same steps, but used a significantly smaller dotting tool.

Ultamate Holiday applies pretty well. I used two coats and it dries to a very gritty almost matte texture. Winter Holly is pretty much the same consistency. As far as the red goes, it gave me some trouble. It isn't a very dense polish, so I constantly had to go over the same dot a few times, and you can see the red dots still aren't perfect. Oh well, I am still happy with the results. Since they were such rough textured glitters I used my Gelous Advance Nail Gel Coat, then finished it off with Seche Vite, of course. Hope you enjoy this as much as i do! :)


  1. These are so festive but not too over the top and I love them! x_x If I could replicate these for Christmas I would, but I don't CG Ultimate Holiday or anything similar ):

    Oh and in case you don't read my reply to your comment on my post, ill reiterate it here:
    I don't now the official rules but hey, some of the girls I nominated have been nominated before and have opted out of the award, so I now nominate you! :D

  2. Angel Wings from their winter collection this year is pretty much the same polish! Jen from thepolishaholic does comparison swatches of them. Thanks for the nomination! I just really wanted to answer the questions, I am a sucker for surveys. But hey, it'll be cool to get some more followers too