Monday, December 3, 2012

Nubar- Gem

Today I have an awesome polish to share. As I mentioned in the last post I did, I have an amazing nail supply store in my area that sells pretty much every salon brand, including rare, really sot after polishes, for pretty much half price! The first time I went I about pissed myself because I found the entire Nubar Prisms collection in a set like this!. It was only $40 but at that point I already had my basket full, so luckily they had them individually, so I chose my three favorites. Although I think the next time I go, I will purchase the entire set for a future giveaway once I have some followers :). Let me know if you would like that. Onto the polish!

 Direct Sunlight

Nubar- Gem is just stunning. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Prisms collection, it was a full collection of 8 polishes that aren't linear holographic, but instead have a subtle scattered holographic affect. The color of this polish is kind of hard to describe. It is like a mauve/purple/taupe? I feel like it has a subtle duochrome to it too. Here are some more pictures of it in different lighting:


In this picture you can definitely see more of the taupe color, where as the first two pictures it is more purple.

Indoor Lighting

And of course I couldn't leave out a trusty blurry photo that really shows the holographic glitters!

The base of the polish is pretty standard, but what gives it the holographic affect is tiny microglitters. They sparkle so much! They leave a little bit of a gritty texture too. I used one coat of Seche Vite Top coat and you can still feel the texture. So if you like your nails to be super smooth, maybe use a second layer of top coat. I used two coats in these photos as well, but I kind of wish I did three. If you look at my ring finger you can kind of see through it, but I still think it looks amazing! I plan on getting Jewel from the collection too, which is like a darker version of Gem. I can't wait!

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