Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lush Lacquer + China Glaze

Today I have the first of the two Lush Lacquer holiday polishes that I have. I must say, I am in love! Here it is:

Crappy indoor lighting

This is Lush Lacquer- Tree-mendous on top of China Glaze- Running in Circles

These polishes were pretty much made for each other. Running in circles is almost a glitter polish, just really fine glitter. I didn't originally pick this one up when I got my first picks from the Cirque De Soleil collection, but then I totally regretted it. I am a sucker for green polishes. I used two coats here.

Then sticking with the Christmas/holiday theme this month, I decided to use some Lush Lacquer. As I mentioned before, they are hands down my favorite independent nail polish brand. They have the perfect balance of glitters in each polish that isn't total glitter vomit, and they are so affordable. Tree-mendous is mainly a finely milled green glitter base which is pretty much the same green as Running in Circles, which represents the christmas tree. Then it has medium sized hexagonal glitters in pretty much every color of the rainbow, representing the lights on the tree. And to top it all off there are yellow stars! You kind of have to work a little to get the stars on your brush which I had a feeling was going to happen, but oh well! I love this look and can't wait to wear my other Lush Lacquer holiday polish. I will try to wear that one next.

Lush Lacquer can be found on Etsy. Their polishes are only $8.75 and always in stock! Definitely check them out.

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