Thursday, January 31, 2013

LA Splash Goodies

My last set of nails using my new IMATS nail polish!

Remember when I thought China Glaze- Surreal Appeal was the perfect coral? Well, I found an even MORE perfect coral!

This is LA Splash- Peachy. And I spiced it up a little by using on of the three glitter pots I got from them in Coral Mania. Here's how the glitter looks:

I originally applied the glitter on individually using a toothpick to make a simple outline of a halfmoon, but the glitter sizes varied too much. So, I applied a top coat all over my nail, dipped one of my new nail art brushes I got from Crown Brush in top coat, dipped it in the glitter, and applied it too the nail. I wish the glitter was more uniform, but I am pleased with the outcome!

As for the actual polish, the formula was so thick and goopy! I have dealt with thick formulas in the past, but this is the first where I actually considered using paint thinner to thin it out. But man the color is so awesome! It could have been a one coater too, but the goopyness ruined that. I used two coats here.

The display at IMATS said this is from their spring collection, but I can't find anything online about it, not even the name of the collection. Their polishes retail for $3.99 and I got mine for $3.00. My ULTA used to carry their polish, but decided to discontinue them, then decided to just stop carrying the entire line and replaced it with the Kardashian makeup -___- Their nail art glitters are $4.99 on their website, and I got mine for $3.00! I am very happy with these glitters and can't wait to use the others I got!

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  1. I love this! It's sooo pretty and the glitters goes so well with the coral color!