Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspire Me Monday + Special Guest

I am very excited for this post because I just joined "Inspire Me Monday", created by devilishdesigns. There is one other participant as well: Gorgeois, definitely check out her design this week! If you watch Project Runway you will love it! In order to get inspiration I was going through various art books I have, and I came across one of my favorite modern artists, James Rosenquist. I decided to google image his work because he has so many pieces to get inspiration from, plus a lot of color, I love me some color! I went for a very simple piece of work, so here is what I whipped up:



This is my first "Doticure" I have used dots a lot recently, but I decided this was a good opportunity to use a lot! Here is the piece of art I got inspiration from:

After I was done I was really happy, but was like "This looks a lot like a clown outfit", but towards the end of the night, I knew exactly what it looked like instead:

Butters' Pajamas! If you haven't seen my  South park nails, you wouldn't know I love South park, but Butters is for sure one of my favorite characters. So I guess you can call these my Rosenquist Butters Nails!

Onto the colors I used: The white base is OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls, every ones favorite white of 2012. I don't understand the hype of this white. I try to use as few brush strokes as possible, and after the second coat I still have some streaks. I fixed the streaks with the dots so it wasn't that big of a deal...Next I used the largest dotting tool using China Glaze- Sweet Hook for the light pink dots. Then I used China Glaze- Happy Go Lucky for the yellow. For the red I used Zoya- Nidhi, the only sparkly color. I really need to invest in a creme red already. The last color I used was China Glaze- Electric Beat for the blue. After I did all the big dots, I used a smaller dotting tool to fill in the spaces.

You might have noticed the top coat totally messed the design up and made it drag like crazy. I used my CND- Air Dry Top coat for the first time because I am trying to experiment with different top coats, but that was not the right choice. I am going to stick with Seche Vite when I am doing designs from now on.

Now onto the special guest :). As I was taking my pictures, I got interrupted:

My Mr. Sleepy decided he needed to be in the pictures too! My very first post featured my cute little kitty. Expect to see more from him because he really is the best cat in the world!

I hope you enjoyed my first Inspire Me Monday post and I can't wait till next monday now!

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  1. I am such a fan of dot manicures, I absolutely love them and would do them all the time if I could lol This design is absolutely beautiful! :) love the inspiration you chose and cant wait till next week! cute kitty cat!!♥