Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My very first blog post! I am new to this whole blog thing so it will definitely take a while for me to get a hang of things. I have loads of pictures to be uploaded, but I still need to edit them. I am not the kind of person who gets every color from a collection, (unless the collection is flawless in my eyes and every color needs to come home with me), so I will probably post what I’m wearing on my nails, or little nail art experiments. I have been getting into nail art recently so I am hoping this blog will help motivate me to get better! I really wanted my first post to be a picture of my nails, but that aint gonna happen, so I decided I would show you my pride and joy:

This is my perfect kitty Sleepy, often referred to as Mr. Sleepy. Just look at that adorable little face! And my second pride and joy, my China Glaze Collection. It has grown since I took this picture to the point it won’t all fit in the drawer behind Sleepy. There are 77 pictured here. I definitely have loads more polish, but China Glaze is by far my all time favorite brand, so expect to see a lot from them! Well I think that is all for my first post, thanks for reading :)

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