Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My original Thanksgiving Day nails

I don't know what I was thinking when I did this combo...if I had done like three weeks before, I would have probably loved it!

The base color is Wet n Wild- Club Havana, and the glitter is Ninja Polish- Spooky Floam. I was beyond excited to get this polish because the floam polishes are a legend in the nail polish world. They are usually sold out, but once I saw this one was in stock, I hopped on it! I looked the other day as well and the original floam was in stock! And if you are reading this now, it is still in stock! Hurry and get yours!

On to the application. Club Havana was alright in my book. It was a little streaky after applying the second coat, but I figured the glitter would cover it up, which it did. Spooky Floam was very easy to apply. I applied two pretty thick coats, which is what is shown in the picture. I love the effect, I just wasn't in the mood for it I guess. Maybe if I applied it on a darker color I would have kept it on. The best thing about this polish is it is glow in the dark! I am a sucker for a glow in the dark polish that isn't your standard murky green top coat. I attempted to take a picture of it glowing, but it just wasn't happening. Have you tried any of the floam polishes? Expect to see the original Floam soon!

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