Friday, February 15, 2013

Halo Hues Swatches Part 2 and Comparisons

As I promised yesterday, I have the second part of the Halo Hues collection. Prepare yourselves, this part is like 1000x better!

Color Club- Kismet. A green! Very light, but so pretty. This one is probably my second favorite.

Color Club- Over The Moon.  LOVE this blue. It is a nice deep blue. Definitely the darkest blue out of the 12 shades.

Color Club- Eternal Beauty. :O This doesn't even need words to explain how gorgeous it is. I have one other purple holo by HITS. It is a little darker, but the bottle is so tiny. I feel like I can use that bottle up now that I have this huge bottle of holo yummyness!

Color Club- Beyond. I like the name because it reminds me of the galaxy or something. Standard black which you don't ever see!

Now onto the comparisons. I will be comparing the black and purple holos from the Femme Fatale and Wild At Heart collections from 2009. And also the 2 blues I chose from the Halo Hues collections.


Over The Moon (index and ring finger) vs Angel Kiss (middle and pinky finger). Over the Moon is much more vibrant. I definitely prefer it over Angel Kiss.

Eternal Beauty (index and ring finger) vs Wild At Heart (middle and pinky finger). Wild At Heart is from The Wild At Heart Collection. Yes, this purple is much darker, but why not compare the 2? Wild At Heart is also a scattered holo, and one perfect coat! I am actually wearing it now because it was a super fast application. I still can't get over how awesome Eternal Beauty is!

Beyond (index and ring finger) vs Revvvolution (middle and pinky finger). Yeah the polish name actually has 3 V's. I think out of the 5 original holo, this holo is the strongest. Oh and ONE COAT

Well, that concludes my review and comparisons. I want to praise Color Club for releasing (in my opinion) the best holos on the market right now. Not only are they crazy holographic, but so affordable compared to a lot of holographic polishes. They were all two coats, and dry super fast too! I really hope they keep making more holographic polishes. PLEASE! I would say the must haves of the 2 collections are Eternal Beauty and Kismet.

I wanted to do a comparison from the originals because I feel like no one knows about them. They aren't as holo, but before these new ones came out, they were some of my favorite polishes, especially since I found them for $2.50 at my nail supply store! The best thing about these too is they are one coaters and also dry super fast!

What do you want to see next? I want to do more nail art!

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  1. I am only JUST seeing this now, and ETERNAL BEAUTY really is the best in their new set! OMG looks gorgeous X_X