Monday, February 11, 2013

OPI + Sation

I am sure no one is a stranger to the amazing polishes Sation has been releasing lately. Ever since I saw Let Them Have Polish post swatches of these ridiculous glitters, I had to get my hands on some. I am still using my new polishes I got in LA at the super nail supply store. Right as I was almost done picking the polishes I wanted there, to my surprise there were ALL of the glitters on this hidden nail rack in an aisle. I think I literally screamed. Here it is:


I can't wait for more mainstream brands to start releasing more awesome glitters like this! This is Sation- I'm Not A Cougar from the Glitter I series, on top of OPI- Sprung which is one of the 2 polishes I got from the Mariah Carey collection. It has so many types of glitters: green, orange, and silver hexagons, holographic micro shimmers, medium black hexagons, and silver bar glitters! I am sure I am missing some.

Just for fun I will show Sprung on its own:

This is two coats, and a beezy to photograph! I know this combination is a little Fall-esque, but I don't care. I will rock neon nails in the winter, and fall nails in the summer!

The application for both of these was great. Sprung flooded my cuticles if I had too much polish on the brush, so that was easily fixable. And I'm Not A Cougar had great glitter pay off. LOTS of glitter came out on the brush! I topped it off with CND Air Dry and it is surprisingly pretty smooth. On a side note, I really recommend CND Air Dry as a top coat. I am trying to steer away from Seche Vite because I am tired of wasting half the bottle because Seche Restore doesn't seem to work for me :(. Plus I can get both top coats for just $4!

Well, what do you think? I really want some more of these glitters! Or at least try some of their other polishes. I am going to try to wear the second one next, we will see. Enjoy!

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