Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From The Vault: Nubar- Reclaim

I am really on a holographic kick right now and if you follow me on instagram, you would know I recently bought A LOT of the new releases from China Glaze and Color Club's holo collections. I knew I had this beauty waiting in my Nail folder on my computer, so I thought what better time to share it than now? Prepare yourself:

Nubar- Reclaim

sdfsdfbsdfjsd! If you have been following me a while, you would know I love green, but this one is super special. I mentioned in my Cirque Holographic post that this is a lot like Lonesome George, but I like this shade of green slightly more. Reclaim was supposed to be limited edition in their Going Green collection from 2009, but you can still get it HERE for just $8. I am sure it is going for much more on ebay and amazon. I lucked out when I got mine because I found it randomly at one of the Nail Supply stores that has ridiculously low prices. It was on a bottom shelf just begging me to pick it up, and only $4!

Onto the polish itself: It is amazing, hands down. 2 easy coats, and no need for a special base coat, and the top coat doesn't take away the holo effect! I wanted to spice it up a bit and put China Glaze- Glitter All The Way on my ring finger. I love this combo! The last time I went to my regular nail supply store they had this shade fully stocked! I think I might get a back up, and maybe one for you guys :)

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