Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gradient using Hard Candy

I am a little late to the party on these. After these came out in the beginning of the year I was super excited because it is a line of polishes that are very unique, and have an indie feel to them. But then I was like crap, that means I have to go to Walmart. I can not stand Walmart. And of course, my Walmarts stopped carrying Hard Candy! But luckily I went in one last time, and one of them decided to put their display up again. I used two of the three I have so far. Here it is:

Note: These were takin in a bunch of different types of lighting. My camera couldn't handle the sparkles in the sunlight, and over all these were hard to capture.

A very subtle gradient...

I started off with two coats of Hard Candy- Piece of Papaya which is from their "Itsy Glitzy" line. It is a gorgeous orange/red glassfleck shimmer. I was most excited about this line because the shimmers remind me a lot of Zoya's unique use of shimmers and glitter. The formula was the perfect consistency, and I really liked the brush. Then I sponged on Hard Candy- Crush on Lava which is part of the "Crushed Chromes" line. I believe this was a repromote from like a beetle collection or something. It has a similar finish to papaya punch, but it has that amazing duochrome affect! It mainly shifts from a gold to purple, which you can see really well in the bottle.

Overall, I like how it turned out, it just isn't bold enough for me. I need to practice more, these were kind of a pain to do.

Oh and remember my goal for this month was to only use untried polishes? With the exception of using a white I have used, and a polish I haven't wore in a really long time, I wore 39 untried polishes! For just reaching the 500 mark, that is pretty impressive. I wanted to only wear untried indies next, but they are mainly glitters, so that won't allow much nail art which I need to do more of!


  1. This is really pretty!
    I like all kind of gradients (don't know why ^_^)
    It's just soo beautiful :-D

    1. Thanks! I really love gradients too. Glitter ones are more of my specialty though.