Saturday, June 1, 2013

Illimasqua Speckled Half Moons

I have had these polishes for a really long time, but of course hadn't tried them yet. Nail polish hoarder problems... Here are more half moons! I hope you aren't getting too tired of these.



I made sure not to cut out any part of the beautiful Illimasqua bottle!

I started out with two coats of the base colors, and applied my Poshe fast drying top coat before applying the stickers for the half moon shape.

The green is Essie- Navigate Her (Navigate Her Collection 2012, now permanent). And the purple is China Glaze- Light As Air (Up & Away Collection Spring 2010/ Electropop Collection Spring 2012). I made sure not to choose base colors that were identical so you could actually see the shape, unlike my Easter Nails.

Then I just applied one coat of the Speckled polishes. The green is Illimasqua- Mottle and the purple is Illimasqua- Speckle. Both applied amazingly. No problem with getting glitter on the nail, and it is such a perfect balance of big chunky glitter and tiny glitters in a creme base.

I can't wait till the next time I go to my nail supply shop and get Nubar- Black Polka Dot so I can make endless amounts of looks like these Speckled polishes. Lucy's Stash has a great tutorial on how to do it!

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