Friday, June 28, 2013

Watermelon Nail Art

I am on a no buy right now, but I will give myself a few exceptions every once and a while. This awesome glitter bomb by Trelly's MISC Polish is one of those exceptions:

Trelly's MISC Polish- Watermelon Sorbet

Perfect manicure for summer, especially with this ridiculous heat wave we are having in the bay area right now.

Watermelon Sorbet is PACKED with LARGE green, pink, and white circle glitters. There's also large pink and white hexagonal glitters, white rectangle glitters, medium green squares and hexagons, medium pink hexagons, and small white hexagons, such an awesome mixture! There are more pink glitters out of all the colors, and since they are so big, it made it a little hard to get a good amount on my brush. There was a little fishing required. I have about 1 and half coats shown here. I did one coat and filled in the gaps. I could have done a better job on spreading it out, but I had the fan blasted on me, so it was making the polish dry pretty fast and got really clumpy :(

The coral color I used is China Glaze- Surreal Appeal (Cirque Du Soleil Collection Winter 2012), my 2nd favorite coral shade! Mine got pretty thick, so you may want to check on yours and see if it needs thinning! I used two coats. The green I used is China Glaze- Four Leaf Clover. One of y favorite greens, and it is readily available all the time! I used 2 coats on my middle finger, and one thick coat for the french tip.

I used Orly- Liquid Leather for the watermelon seeds using a dotting tool. I used the yellow one from this set. I started with the larger end to make a dot, and used the super tiny sharper end for the tip, and tried making it look more like a seed by just dragging polish to the tip.

Trelly Polish is currently closed since Cassie is out of town till July 7th, hopefully when it is reopened Watermelon Sorbet is available!

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