Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simple Swatch: Trelly's Misc Polish

I believe this is fairly new brand, and people are already going nuts. This is from Trelly's Summer collection of amazing glitter toppers and crelly's with glitter. I got this and one of the crelly's, so far, I am impressed! Here it is:

Trelly's Misc Polish- Dreaming of Unicorns

The name also helps with the polishes awesomeness as well, although my bottle is labeled "Barbie Dream House" Trelly had a woopsy daisy. I ain't complaining though.

The polishes I layered it over are two coats of China Glaze- Sweet Hook (pink), and Color Club- Take Me to Your Chateau (Pardon My French Collection 2010).

Then I applied a pretty generous coat of Dreaming of Unicorns. The hearts came out no problem, but I had to fish for the other bigger glitters like the stars and circles. But that is always expected with oddly shaped glitters like that. It mainly consists of irridescent glitters of every shape and size, even squares! The only solid colored glitters are the big circle, star, and heart glitters, and medium hexagonals. The base is a tad bit on the thick side, but some polish thinner can fix that. The best part is that you get plenty of glitter on the brush!

You can purchase Trelly Polish on Etsy. Her summer collection is out of stock, but she will be restocking on Monday, along with some new amazing colors!

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