Monday, June 10, 2013

Simple Swatch: Lush Lacquer

I am going to keep this short and sweet:



This beauty is Lush Lacquer- Dream On.

I was looking at my stash for a really long time and couldn't come up with a fun nail art design! So i was like screw it, lets wear an awesome indie glitter!

This was two easy coats. You didn't have to manipulate the glitter or anything, both coats went on like butter! It is a creme base with blue, purple, and green glitters of every shape and size- including squares, my favorite! I have said it once, and I will say it again, Lush Lacquer polishes are seriously amazing, and by far my favorite indie brand! They have the perfect balance of glitters. Just enough glitter so it is eye catching, but doesn't look like a unicorn took a poop on you hands! You really have to give them a try. Their shipping does take at least 2 weeks, but it is sooooo worth the wait. You know you should be wearing some other unworn polishes anyways :P

You can buy from their Etsy, full sizes are $9.00. Or you can skip the long shipping and pay $11.00 at Llarowe

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