Monday, June 3, 2013

Texture Skittles

I finally got some of the Sally Hansen "Sugar Coat" polishes. I only wanted the ones that were different colors than my China Glaze and Milani's, and I used the rest of my untried ones all at once. Here is the first ones I used, making a Rainbow. And here is what I came up with to use the rest:



And just for fun, here it is with the bottle

Lets start with the colors starting from the thumb to the pinky: Milani- Yellow Mark, China Glaze- Itty, Bitty, & Gritty, China Glaze- Unrefined, Sally Hansen- Bubble Plum, Sally Hansen- Sour Apple, and the black used for the dots is Sally Hansen- Lick-O-Rich.

Each polish was two coats. I really do love the formula of these. They are nearly one coaters, and don't dry as slow as the OPI textured polishes. I have yet to wear my Zoya Pixiedusts, so I can't compare them to those.

As you can see, the texture doesn't make easy dotting. But at least I don't have to worry about the top coat ruining it. I haven't used any of these with a top coat yet, so I might do a quick post tomorrow showing them with a top coat!

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