Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bow Nail Art

I don't really do free hand nail art. I am going to try to do more to master the skills. I think the most awesome free hand nail art I have ever done is my South Park Nails. They are still my favorite, but I really want to recreate them again so I can get better photos. Practicing more free hand nail art will also make them turn out even more amazing! Here is what I came up with:

Super girly and cute. I have been seeing these bows floating around and couldn't resist trying them out! I must say, I did pretty darn good!

I didn't do all my fingers because I knew it would take too long, and I didn't even know if they would turn out the way I wanted.

The pink glitter is Nails Inc- Topping Lane, and the blue is Nails Inc- Pudding Lane. Both are from their Special Effects "Sprinkles" line. I love these. I didn't get them for a while after they came out, and hadn't even tried them until now! Both were two coats. The first coat you had to work a little to get the glitter to spread out evenly, but the second coat went on just fine since it had the base to work with.

On to the bows. I started off with two coats of the base colors. The pink is Orly- Lollipop, and the awesome periwinkle blue shade is Jessica- Sophia/True Blue. I don't know why there are two names for it... I used a dotting tool to outline the shape of the bow. First starting off with a big dot in the center, and working my way out to make the bow shape. Then I just filled it in! After that dried, I used my trustworthy striper polish, Orly Instant Artist- Jet Black, to outline the bow, and to do the stripes. I love this striper! It is the only striper I have used, and I hope to get all the colors one day. I don't know if Orly still makes them, but luckily my nail supply store carries all the shades, and for just $2.50.

I hope you enjoyed these! And hopefully I will do some more REAL nail art soon!

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