Friday, June 21, 2013

Essie Naughty Nauticals Collection 2013 Nail Art

It isn't very common for me to have an entire collection from a nail polish company. I have a really awesome nail mail buddy through instagram that seriously hooked it up! Her daughter's god father is a manager at CVS, and he managed to get us both the entire collection! So, naturally, I used the entire collection to do some nail art:

I didn't think the colors were that unique, until I saw the awesome shimmer in the bottle in person! The formula is great on all 6 shades, all are 2 coaters. My only complaint is that the Jennifer Green doesn't have the shimmer.

The base color on my index finger is Essie: Rock the Boat, which is almost the same color as Essie- Bikini So Teeny. The color I used for the flowers and dots is Essie- Naughty Nautical, probably my favorite color of the collection. I used the same color on my middle finger too, and used Essie- Full Steam Ahead for the flowers and dots. Then I used Essie- The Girls Are Out for the base on my ring finger, and Essie- Sunday Funday for the flowers and dots. I used the same colors as my ring finger but opposite for my pinky. Lastly, I used Essie- The More The Merrier for the centers of the dots

All in all I love the collection, and I have found that only one of the color is dupe-able. My top picks would definitely be Naughty Nautical and Sunday Funday.

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